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Welcome MCHS alumni, I'm glad that you found your way to this page, and hope that it proves informative and that you will contribute a bit of information about yourselves. Please sign the Guest Book, it is the only way that we can keep track of who has been here, and when it comes time to notify you of any upcoming events, we will use this list to contact you, leave you email address, telephone number and snail mail address (only your name, class year, city, province/state and email address will appear in the guest book listings). The guest book is now user editable, so please make every effort to keep your email address up to date if you change Internet providers.

My name is Steve Shein, I was in the class of '72 at good old Malcolm Campbell High School in Montreal, Quebec. I look back on my days at MCHS with great fondness, and I have found that as the years go by (and they sure do go by fast), the memories of MCHS fade. The years in high school were critical for me, and I suppose they determined the course of the rest of my life. Me, I was the electronics-run-the light-show geek, and today? Well, it's 2:00AM in the middle of the week, I have to go to work early in the morning, and I have just finished pounding the keys on one of my way too many computers for a work related issue that is way too far behind schedule. So rather than go to bed like any sensible person, I decided to do some non-work related key pounding.

Malcolm Campbell High School no longer exists as a school in Montreal, but it still has a place in my heart, and I hope that it does in yours as well. The main purpose of the page is to collect information from past MCHS attendees, no matter what year, and to post the information here. Submit as much or as little information as you like, but submit something. The basic information should include your full name (maiden name for you ladies), your graduating class year & a contact address (email, snail mail or telephone number). Other information could include the highlights of your life after MCHS, pictures of you and your family or other interesting tidbits.

Please pass this web site address on to other MCHS alumni that you may come in contact with, and if they don't have web access, submit some information on their behalf

Take care and remember to post.


Year 2000 Reunion

If you didn't make it, you missed a weekend of incredible memories and renewed friendships. Never have so many gone back in time to when they were seventeen years old at the same time. Tears of joy, shrieks of happiness filled the hall at the Palais du Congres in Montreal on July 1st, 2000, as more than 950 MCHS students met up with their classmates from many years ago.

Click here to see images from the reunion weekend.

The winner of the trip for two to Barbados was Robert Saul, former Vice Principal at MCHS. Milton Barbarosh (72) won the draw for two nights accommodations at the Wyndham Hotel. Congratulations to the winners.


Reunion Logo Contest Winner

Congratulations to our MCHS Y2K Reunion Logo winner Robert Friedman, you can see his logo by clicking here

This official logo will appear on the website and all related material.


Committee Members

The success of the MCHS Y2K Reunion was due to the hard work and long hours out in by the Reunion Committee:

(To email the people below, you must remove the NOSPAM text from the email address)


Stephen Shein Executive Committee
Diane Chan (Shein) Executive Committee
Ross Hough Executive Committee
Steve Wuthmann Executive Committee
Ketlyn Maitland-Blades Main Event Team kmaitlan@NOSPAMCDS.CA
Eric Kovacs Main Event Team
Dianne Brewer (Willis) Public Relations, Advertising
Bob Morel Flashback Tour Rmorel@NOSPAMImpactrm.Com
David Chan Sunday Golf Tournament Coordinator
Doug Whitley Sunday Golf Tournament Coordinator
Steve Bhereur Friday Pub Night
Janet Magurn Friday Pub Night
Susan Bakerman Witt Hotel & Travel


Class Year Reps

The Class Year Reps contributed immensely to the success of the event and are to be congratulated:


1962 - Samuel Clement
1963 - Vacant
1964 - Peter Mearns

1964 - Joan Manners-Stafford

1965 - Peter Kovac

1965 - Susan Bakerman

1966 - Victoria Leblanc
1967 - Howard Delaney

1967- Ray Campbell

1968 - Pamela Ireland

1968 - Joanna Hishon

1969 - Ray Campbell
1970 - Geoffrey Paynter

1970 - Deborah Greenberg-Casey

1971 - David Marco
1972 - Andy Lebel
1973 - Carol Roth

1973 - Danny Humphreys

1974 - Ketlyn Maitland Blades
1975 - Mike Hamilton

1975 - Brenda Wyad-Gibson

1976 - Gordon Henderson
1977 - Barbara Bakerman

1977 - Mona Shenker-Tessier

1978 - Harris Dutch

1978 - Tina-Marie Tatto

1979-1987 Harris Dutch

1979-1987 Tina-Marie Tatto

Northeast U.S. - Ruth Morris-Blaise
Northwest U.S. & Canada - Erik Teose
Southeast U.S. - Mark Lyman
Southwest U.S. - Rhonda Savitsky-Sapirstein
Teacher Reps

Joyce Levine-Morrison

Henry Beer


Related Links

If you know of any related links that would be of interest to the visitors of this site, please email them to us.

View of Montreal From Mount Royal At Night

The One and Only ... Les Canadiens

Class of '71 Home Room by Robert Crone

Article In The Surburban (100kb image)

Official Michael Katzko 1966 11-A Nostalgia Website





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