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Welcome to the MCHS Sightings Page. Here you will find pictures of any meetings that occur IRL (In Real Life) involving anybody from MCHS. If you have images that you would like to add here, please let us know via email to

Montreal, Dec 19th, 1998 - Jack Astor's, Les Galeries Sources. Left to right Abe Sterner '73, (in the background some of the local wildlife), Steve Shein '72 & Eddie Habib '72

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The short time frame and cold weather combined to present a roadblock to obtaining a proper Y2K picture in front of MCHS. So with limited time, and the help from my 7 year old daughter (the photographer), we created this image with a bit of Corel magic. There are two things to take note of. First, the Village People can rest assured that I will not quit my day job. Second, I am not really 2 feet tall. Dec. 20th, 1998 - Steve Shein '72

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Burlington, Dec 24th, 1998 - Steve Shein '72 - Our Public Relations committee member Dianne Willis-Brewer decided to leave the warmth of Arizona to get a taste of Old Man Winter, Ontario style. While combining business with pleasure, she managed to drop by and say HI (I'm hoping that it won't be another 27 years before I see her again!). Here she is hugging my cat trying to take in as much body heat as she can.

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Burlington, Dec 24th, 1998 - Steve Shein '72 - Dianne received the very first official-prototype-beta MCHS Y2K T-Shirt, emblazoned with Rob Friedman's logo. If things go according to many of the software projects I have worked on, we should have a fully deliverable T-Shirt in time for Y10K!

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Atlanta, GA, April 26th, 1999 - Steve Shein '72 -  With two days of road grime and bugs on me, I managed to talk my way past reception into the office of Henry Sporn '72 (right) office. If you haven't touched based with Henry lately, do so. He's a never ending supply of great MCHS memories and interesting stories.

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The Cheesecake Factory, Beverley Hills, CA, May 24th, 1999 - Steve Shein '72 - Had dinner with Rhonda Savitsky-Sapirstein '72, and finally got her to remember who I was by telling her I worked the lighting crew in the MCHS "Our Town" production, which Rhonda was in. Our waitress, who wasn't even born in '72,  was amazed that we even had annuals printed on paper instead of parchment. Another restaurant patron spotted the MCHS Y2K Reunion T-Shirt, and asked if we were from Malcolm Campbell HS in Montreal. Turns out he was from Pius, and had friends that went to MCHS. We passed on the reunion web site address to him so he could give it to his friend in San Diego. It's a very small world indeed.

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Toronto - Wednesday, May 26, 1999 - Ian London, Chuck Perley, Joanna Hishon, Michael Carin and Steve Marco, all from the Class of 1968, met as a group, for the first time in 30 years! Thanks Steve, for getting this all started!!!

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Montreal - June 1999 - Every decade or so, Don Erickson (75) and Spiro Vlahakis (75) like to get together, hit the links, break open a bottle of spirits, and exchange war stories like good old friends often do. Pictured here with his loving (albeit inebriated) wife Margorie, Spiro (lower left) vows to stay in closer contact with Don until "I finally beat the bastard at golf!". Don replies "it's gonna be a long and beautiful relationship, baby!"

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Chinatown, Montreal - June 1999 - Kathy Wolf ('76) and Vernon Shein ('76)

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Arahova, Montreal - 1999 - Class of '68 - Andy Bocking, Irene Moodie, Donna Marunczak, John Moffat, Cheryl & Steve Rowland M M-F and Jean Hilliker

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Sassafras, Toronto - 1999- Class of '68 - Joanna Hishon, Rita Witrylak, Ian London, Irene Moodie and Steve Marco

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Ritz Hotel, Montreal - June 1999 - Class of '68 - Here we have Michael Carin, Joanne Marco and Joanna Hishon

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Montreal - 1999 - Class of 1969 Reunion

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Sassafras, Toronto - August 1999 - L to R, Rita Witrylak, Steve Marco, Patsy Rozenberg, Joel Baker, Irene Subatchokoff

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Pepperwoods, Burlington, Ontario - August 1999 - Sandra Manners '73 and Claudia Bunclark '72

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Ticket Pickup Day, Burlington, Ontario - October 1999 - Gary Dunsby '69 with a fist full of tickets...potential scalper? ;-)

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Ticket Pickup Day, Burlington, Ontario - October 1999 - Kelley Arrey '72, Steve Shein '72, Sandra Manners '73

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From The MCHS Archives...-Florence & Lisa Weinholtz at Mr Smith's Spring Concert


From The MCHS Archives...Florence Weinholtz, Larry Ostroff & Helen Klein in the production Our Town.


MCHS - 1967 - Rm 312 (Submitted by Ray Campbell)


Class Of 1963 - Room 11c


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